Frozen Food

We stock a large assortment of frozen foods, including vegetables, meat, frozen meals, pizza, ice cream, and much more! When you stop at Murray’s Market, you can be sure to find something you and your family will love. Contact us today to learn more about the different brands of frozen food that we stock.


Our in house sushi chef makes works daily to provide customers with fresh, high-quality sushi. With freshly caught fish and perfect rice made every day, our sushi is delicious and makes a quick, healthy meal that will leave you satisfied. Stop in today to see what our chef has ready, including sushi rolls, sashimi, spring rolls, and more!


Our produce includes a wide selection of locally farmed fruits and vegetables and is always fresh so you can be sure you’re getting quality, great tasting food. We offer both local and exotic produce, so stop into the market today to get your favorite fruits and vegetables and maybe try something new!


The Murray’s Market bakery provides fresh bread, donuts, cookies, rolls, and more! Our bread is baked daily to ensure a fresh, never stale taste that’s great for a quick sandwich, or will make the perfect addition to any meal. With our wide selection of donuts and cookies, you can be sure to find the perfect snack for your sweet tooth. We also offer cakes made to order for every special occasion!


Our dairy department stocks everything you could need from cheese to yogurt, milk, sour cream, and more! Stop into the market today to view our full selection, and be sure to stop by the deli for fresh cut and packaged to order cheeses.


Stop into Murray’s Market to find flowers and decorative plants for every occasion. We have seasonal displays of beautiful flowers that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, or simply for those days when you want to give a loved one a sweet surprise.


Our large wine and liquor section stocks a variety of different types of wines, liquor, and mixers. Choose your favorite red, white, rose, or sparkling wine, or stop over to the liquor section for all the ingredients for your favorite mixed drink. Murray’s Market offers a range of different liquor, from rail to top shelf, so you can be sure to find your favorite or something new to try.

You must be 21 or older to purchase wine or liquor.


We provide many different beer choices from locally brewed, to import and craft beer. We also offer a selection of different beer kegs in a range of sizes for your next party or get together. Contact us today, or visit our alcohol department to learn more.

You must be 21 or older to purchase beer.


Our selection of tobacco products ranges from cigarettes, cigars, loose tobacco, smokeless tobacco products, and much more! We pride ourselves in stocking many different brands and products to meet all of your needs. Call our tobacco department today to find out more about the brands we supply.

You must be 18 or older to purchase tobacco products.

General Merchandise

At Murray’s Market, we strive to be your one-stop shop for everything on your shopping list. We stock a wide variety of products and brands for all of your general household needs. Contact us today, or stop into the market to see our full inventory of products!

Health and Beauty

Our health and beauty department offers everything you could need, from hair and skin care to supplements and protein powder. Visit Murray’s Market to find great products that will leave you feeling healthy and beautiful.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 5:00am - 8:30pm
Saturday: 6:00am - 8:30pm
Sunday: 7:00am - 8:30pm